The History of Matchmaking

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Matchmaking is the method of pairing two individuals with the sole purpose of commitment and marriage. Over the years, matchmaking has created a bridge to both men and women in finding their true love. Although it is observable in today’s generation, matchmaking can be traced back in time but in a much different form than it is known today. Learn how it has become the kind of matchmaking known at present by looking back on its history.

Different from modern-day matchmaking, the old times offer a kind of matchmaking which is physically done through the help of an intermediary or a matchmaker. Whether it is done formally or informally (depending on the culture of a certain place), its main goal is to promote marriage to individuals being matchmade. An example of this is the professional way of pairing individuals where romance should be tangled with human rights.

Continental Asia has its unique matchmaking ways in the old times. Here, matchmaking can be observed through arranged marriage and astronomical understanding. This type of matchmaking can be seen in certain parts of Asia where the goal of marriage is to expand business and territories. The said matchmaking is done by both parents through arranging a meeting where their children can be introduced to each other.

Every detail is to be planned out by the parents; the main job of the matchmade couple is to hopefully fall in love with each other. However, this is not necessarily applicable in all parts of Asia. Again, matchmaking in Asia differs from country to country, from culture to culture and from one tradition to another.

A more interesting history of matchmaking is observable in primitive Europe. An example of this is in Nikolaev, Ukraine. A duke of old Nikolaev called for the town’s women to marry the shipbuilders of the city. Matching them goes with women standing in front of the shipbuilders who would pick their preferred bride. Wedding then followed right after the shipbuilders declared their choice. This history has given birth to Nikolaev, Ukraine being tagged as “The City of Brides.” For many years, the genes of those who were involved in history have been passed down resulting to hundreds of beautiful and gorgeous Ukrainian women.

In Russia and Latin America, religion took the biggest contribution when it comes to matchmaking. The clergies serve as the intermediaries in matchmaking personals within the area. They believe that this kind of matchmaking revolves around the belief of lifelong companionship. They are responsible in pairing up men and women in accordance to their preferences and religious beliefs.

Because of the success rates of matchmaking in history, it has opened an opportunity to entrepreneurs to build their own companies and institutions in matchmaking services. However, due to modernization, it has taken a different form and has expanded internationally. Although traditional matchmaking can still be observed, matchmaking sites have garnered more attention over the past years. Names of different marriage agencies and matchmaking sites have risen and luckily, you have found yourself in one of the best marriage platforms : A New Bride.

The Role of Matchmaking - How it has Become One’s Instrument in Finding True Love

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Although matchmaking has become obsolete in the course of time, it had its reemergence in the past years and has become more popular than ever; however, it has taken a different form. Instead of having intermediaries in the process of finding the right one, lovelorn individuals have taken the quest of finding “the one” into their own hands.

From a rigorous and tiring match-finding, it has now become more convenient and easy because of this one-click away process; this is due to the availability of modern technology. It has created an avenue to an easier way of finding the right one for you through the internet.

The internet has become a gateway of endless possibilities. It has provided a window for the matchmaking industry to catapult back in business and even expand online through matchmaking sites and online marriage agencies. It has taken down the barriers of traditional matchmaking. You can find your match beyond the borders of your own culture and you can communicate with foreign singles across the globe.

Matchmaking may have changed its form, but still, it has the same end-goal as before, and that is to bridge people for marriage. However, both forms differ in terms of their processes and the emotional involvement of the couple. While traditional matchmaking does not offer much when it comes to personal choice especially if it’s done through arranged marriage, modern-day matchmaking gives you the opportunity to seek out and find the person of your choice.

The emotional involvement of both men and women in the process has a lot to do with the success of their marriage. Comparable to traditional matchmade couples, modern-day couples are more likely to have a harmonious relationship in their marriage because they get to choose for their own and no intermediaries are involved; this would mean lesser opinions to think of. Remember that when it comes to marriage, only the husband and the wife are supposed to be involved.

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