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Every man’s perspective toward marriage varies in many special ways. Some people consider it as a sacred union which is bounded by unconditional love between a man and a woman. Others, on the other hand, view it as something simple as a contract binding two people. No matter, it can’t be denied that genuine love is still the main component that fuels a healthy and happy marriage.

Women in A New Bride are genuinely seeking for love and marriage to foreign men. These women are not after casual and short-term relationships but long-term relationships with marriage in mind. All the way from Latin America, Ukraine, Russia and Asia, beautiful women enlisted themselves in our site to find true love.

A New Bride being multiracial, you will be able to explore foreign country’s marriage culture and traditions. Learn these things out for your own benefit:

• Marriage Culture in Asia

Since most people in Asia are traditionally-inclined, Asian countries take pride in its wonderfully-rich culture and practices especially in terms of marriage. The ideal marriage of most Asians are technically based on the concept of romance where you marry the one whom you truly want and love.

There are still countries in Asia where parents take full control over their children’s decision-making in marriage. This is due to the purpose of keeping the legacy and traditions of certain Asian families. This concept is mostly applied to influential and traditional families in particular countries. A union like this is often called as arranged or fixed marriage.

In most Asian countries years ago, this concept of marriage is practiced; however, this is slowly vanishing in the present time. Single Asians have been given the free will to choose whoever they want to be wedded to. Due to this, Asians have started to view marriage with an open-mind.

• Marriage Culture in Ukraine

Like most Asians, Ukrainian people also take pride in emphasizing their devotion toward their nation. Traditions and customs in marriage within this country are something you will be amazed of.

In the Ukrainian culture, it has always been believed that marriage between two people will be happier and successful if the couple and their families perform a series of rituals right after the wedding ceremony. The rituals that Ukraine people perform boil down to certain actions like incantations, singing of different songs and dancing. For them, if these will not be done, the wedding will not be made meaningful.

In the wedding table, the main decoration is always a loaf of bread which was baked on a Thursday or Friday. On the customary side, bread and towels play an essential role in a traditional Ukrainian wedding. Ukraine’s embroidered towel, which is locally named as “rushnyk”, is used as as a decorating icon. For instance, the groom’s parents welcome the married couple with their traditional bread “korovai” being placed on rushnyk. This is not just for the purpose of artistry, but it is highly-cultural in itself. For Ukrainians, rushnyk represents good fortune, fertility, and prosperity for the newly-wedded couple.

• Marriage Culture in Russia

Wedding traditions in Russia are almost the same with that of the Ukrainian people, most especially in its rite-filled tradition and ceremony. However, the difference is that the Russians are known to be fiercer and bolder than Ukrainian people. During the old days in Russia, people paid their whole attention on wedding rites, since they believed that these will keep their marriage from being destroyed or broken.

As time passes, traditions also change. The new idea of wedding ceremony is more relaxed than those held in the previous years. Nonetheless, most of the rituals are still the same like dancing, singing and sharing of toasts.

• Marriage Culture in Latin America

In Latin America, typical wedding traditions are practiced --- from the bride walking down the aisle with her father to the rites at the reception such as “bailemos” where they used to dance salsa, merengue, flamenco and other Latin dances; also, Latin American couples also practice the widely-popular “money dance” where bills are pinned on the couple’s vests as they dance.

Latin American wedding also has the practice of having godparents during the ceremony. The godparents serve as the couple’s guide parents who will give blessings to the newly-wedded couple and act as the advisers for the future challenges of the married couple. In addition, the godparents’ vital role is to continue watching over the couple throughout their lives.

In Latin American traditional wedding, the tenets of Catholicism is highly-emphasized as it is the most-numbered religion there. Usually, the union of the couple is symbolized by tying them together in an oversized wedding lasso rosary.

Moreover, in Catholic weddings, the presentation of the 13 gold coins called ‘arras’ is never forgotten. The groom himself must present the arras to the bride and her family to show his willingness and determination in supporting the bride with everything. Moreover, the existence of dancing in Latin American wedding culture is never outdated. It is the most cheerful part of the ceremony.

Provided above are important things you need to take note of before you plan on proposing to your foreign lady. It is best that you know of the marriage culture and wedding traditions in order to succeed in getting a YES from her.

Why Women in A New Bride are Ideal Wives

foreign women for marriage
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What men usually seek for in a future wife is her good personality, unconditional love and nurturing care. These A New Bride singles are ideal wives because they possess the characteristics men like yourself are seeking for. They are attentive and will make time for you no matter how busy they get.

These single foreign ladies are beautiful inside and out.

Moreover, these women value family ties and are known to devote themselves to their families. They are not only family-oriented but are also career-minded individuals. But for them, family is very important and must be cherished.

When you get to marry a New Bride single, expect her to pass all the good things she had acquired growing up under her family’s care. You can also expect her to have good parenting skills. Without a doubt, these women are worth every ounce of your effort.

Before you plan on dating and marrying women in A New Bride, learn some of their marriage culture and traditions as you browse through our site. Explore the uniqueness of every nation’s culture and find your ideal romance abroad! Meet foreign women now by taking part of our singles tours. Sign up with us now for FREE!

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