Beautiful Asia: Its Rich Heritage, Tourism and Lovely Women

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A New BrideAsia is known as the largest continent in the
world. Know its amazing facts and qualities!

Beautiful Asia…

Wonderful Indonesia…

Japan - Endless Discovery…

Korea, Be Inspired…

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Amazing Thailand, Always Amazes You…

All these slogans, taglines or mottos best fit what Asia truly encompasses and stores for itself. Discover Asia here, know its rich heritage, profound culture and tradition, buoyant tourism and loving people. Know the amazing facts about Asia and how it differs to other continents around the globe.

Asia is known as the largest continent in the world. Its total population expands to over 4.5 billion people, making it the most populous among all seven continents recorded. Some of the aspects that have made Asia what it is today is its improvement in terms of industrialization and economic status. You might not realize but Asia is home to some of the major economic royalties the world has ever known, and these include: China, India and Japan.

These countries are blessed to have the world-renowned artists and business tycoons. Aside from that, its tourism is also the continent’s prowess, making it as one of the best havens for a traveler’s guide to relaxation and sojourn. Ever heard of Thailand? Philippines? Or Indonesia? Maybe these places are frequently talked about due to their booming and well-developed tourist spots.

Although the people living in this continent differ mostly in their respective culture and tradition, the international relation they have is excellent and classic enough to make Asia a well-established place for business and commerce. The countries encompassing the entirety of Asia share the common goal of improving the said continent-- the kind which is better than what it is yesterday. For the tourism stance, Asia is also at the top. To give you an authentic evidence for this, here are some of the best tourist destinations of the continent.

•  Bali, Indonesia

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A New BrideBali, Indonesia is one of Asia’s top tourist

Dubbed as the “Island of the Gods”, Bali is a perfect place for someone who loves surfing and diving. Majestic mountains are also present for someone who loves to feel the breeze of nature. The beaches surrounding the place make it wonderful for a lot of tourists to have a relaxing and laid experience in Indonesia.

•  Japan

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A New BrideTravel Japan, your best place for a holiday

Have you ever heard of Mount Fuji? Yes, you’re reading that right. Mount Fuji is known to be the highest mountain in the country. This mountain is an ideal place for climbers and sightseers. Aside from this mountain, you can also visit the famous Golden Pavilion Temple, Tokyo Imperial Palace and Himeji Castle: all of these showcase the beautiful architectural designs of Japanese people.

•  Korea

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A New BrideTravel Korea, Asia’s best spot for a planned

Same with Japan, the architectural designs of Korea are remarkable and majestic. From its famous Gyeongbokgung Palace and The Garden of Morning Calm, you will know how careful and preserved Korea is when it comes to its top destinations. If you would also like to have a rustic side, Namiseom Island is a suggestion you might want to consider.

•  Philippines

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A New Bride“Pearl of the Orient Seas”, It is truly more fun
in the Philippines!

Tagged as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas”, this Asian country is blessed with hundreds of clear water and white sand beaches. Some of these beaches include: Boracay, Bantayan Island, Palawan’s El Nido and Coron and a lot more. If you want a taste of both heaven and earth, visiting Batanes is a must for you. The place’s beautiful landscape and natural appearance are almost a replica of Switzerland’s geographical structure.

•  Thailand

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A New BrideKnown as the Land of Smiles, Thailand is the best
choice for a romantic getaway.

Known to be the “Land of Smiles”, this country is also blessed with attractive and very appealing tourist spots. With these attractions, the Asian tourism is making the continent a must-visit to all. You might want to visit Phuket, Thailand where lovely beaches are located. Meanwhile, in Bangkok, majestic temples can be seen which signify the religion of the city and of the country as a whole.

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The races we can mention in Asia may differ in many ways, most especially in terms of culture and customs, but their goals of being your best wife is one. For instance, Filipino women are known to be family-oriented and are noted for being hospitable and reliable women. They do their best in making your home an ideal place to live in. Some of the traits they have are acquired from the Spanish and American colonization in the Philippines hundreds of years ago.

Asian ladies can love you without boundaries. Finding love and dating in Asia are the best things you could ever do. These women are trustworthy and devoted. They can commit unconditionally to you and are just after for your love and affection. These marriage-minded women are patiently waiting to be your best partner in life.

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