Signs Foreign Women Are Considering Marriage

Bride and groom slow dancing. Especially in international dating, honesty is the right policy.

When Monica, in her uncontainable excitement, reacts to the discussion about her and Chandler’s wedding, we know it hits close to home for the majority of women.

Though the show exaggerates her reaction for comic effect, it still reflects this truth about women’s sentiments regarding marriage: they consider it an important milestone in their lives.

Many start dreaming of marriage from the time they are little girls, even going to great lengths imagining and planning -- at least in Monica’s case -- years before the event.

Yet despite this classic depiction, it should be noted that not all are as eager to settle down as the younger Geller.

While some do look forward to matrimony, others prefer to take things slow and tying the knot may not be in their plans just yet.

Hence - why married life isn’t something you should ever rush into.

When it comes to relationships, everyone has different aspirations and paces.

Some enter them ready for a long term commitment while some might think they aren’t yet capable and would want their romance to progress slowly (but surely).

It’s critical to pay attention to the signs a woman is ready for marriage because one wrong move -- being either overly eager or too oblivious -- may cause you to fall apart at this point.

For the parties involved, marriage is a relationship that goes to extremes.

It’s a part of your success that should be a joint decision, which is why, in addition to your partner, you should check in with yourself and ask the question...

Is this a choice I am already willing to make?

A man adjusting the cuffs of his jacket suit. Before moving on in the relationship, make sure you're able to fully commit.

A long term commitment can be frightening because it entails a significant amount of responsibility.

People can’t even choose what to wear for the day, much less choose to be bound to one single person forever -- or at least, that’s what the vows say.

People aren’t born ready for commitment.

Some people might never be ready for it.

So before you consider popping the question, or asking if your partner is ready, look to your own readiness.

However, there’s one caveat: you will never be fully prepared to marry.

You could be short on cash, a home, or a vehicle. However, the voice in your mind will eventually remind you that it’s time.

Then you can have no choice but to make a decision.

Just in case you’re not too certain, we’ve curated a list of the most telling signs that you are ready to get married.

  1. You’ve mastered the art of self-love.

    “Before you love others, you need to learn to love yourself first.”

    We’ve heard this again and again, and yes, it’s cheeky but it’s true.

    When it comes to dedication, loving yourself is important. It includes getting more self-esteem, making better choices, and being more authentic.

    And it reflects in your relationship when you love yourself.

    People with full love tanks don’t need external confirmation. They are not insecure, and they have plenty of love to offer to their spouse.

    The lack of self-love is risky.

    It all begins with fear and envy. It gets much harder if you start looking for love outside of your relationship.

    Your love, on the other hand, thrives if you have self-love. You don’t expect what your partner can’t offer and you’re confident in yourself. Rather, you both have enough resources to fill each other’s love tanks.

    So, before you think about proposing, discuss your own insecurities and emotional shortcomings. Be willing to love, not desperate for it.
  2. You’re able to shut the door on other possibilities.

    Making a commitment often necessitates making a sacrifice.

    You need to accept that your life now revolves around your marriage and future family.

    You may be ready if you’re willing to give up anything else.

    The term “possibilities” refers to “being romantically involved with someone other than your partner.”

    If the prospect of not finding any new woman or socializing with deserving bachelorettes no longer bothers you, you may be prepared to tie the knot.

    These compromises may include giving up career opportunities or other activities that will divert your attention away from your new family.

    How many people have missed out on career promotions or chances to work overseas because they couldn’t be with their partners?.

    Be ready for a new set of priorities when you enter married life.

    Don’t go into a marriage carelessly. You will be ready for the next step once you begin to grow a sense of duty

    Though these are only a few characteristics of someone who is ready for marriage, if you have all of them, believe us when we say that you’re practically ready to marry.

    Now, it’s your turn to pose the million dollar question...

Is she considering marriage?

A woman in her bridal gown, holding a bouquet. Look for the signs she wants to marry you from how she behaves.

Women do need and expect men to take the lead -- even foreign women who are known to be much bolder.

Particularly when it comes to marriage, no matter how much we argue that times are changing and that women are now more daring and upfront about getting what they want.

But --

That isn’t to say they won’t leave hints or clues for men to pick up and pursue.

So, if you think you’re ready, you may want to investigate these behavioral trends and see if your partner is ready for marriage as well.

  1. She includes herself with your family:

    When did “Let’s go out to eat” become “Let’s cook for your family and have them over for dinner”? --once her ring finger is being prepared for the ring.

    Going out together, the mall visits, the weekend dates will lessen as she starts putting more effort into spending time with and impressing your family instead.

    Maybe even asking you to spend time with hers!

    If you’d compare this with casual dating, women who're not interested in commitment will never see the necessity in getting closer to the family.

    Some might even avoid family matters altogether.

    So, if she starts being interested in your family, she might be doing this to be more familiar with the people she will need to get close to (or please) in the future.
  2. She becomes excited when she sees or hears anything wedding-related.

    This isn’t just for people who are thinking about getting married.

    When people are interested in something, they look at it or chat about it more, whether it’s a child looking for a lollipop or an adult demanding their basketball tickets.

    If she brings up nuptials, whether it’s her friends getting married or cute wedding scenes in movies, she’s probably just testing the waters about how you feel with regards to the situation.

What else needs to be done?

As previously said, you will never be totally ready for marriage.

What you’ll have are tips, clues, and the occasional dream. But, most importantly, what you need is to make a choice.

So, go ahead and make it, and then carry on.

But also remember that you don’t want to catch your partner off guard.

Putting in effort and spending time talking to her is one of the most critical aspects of a relationship.

You might also bring up the idea of marriage, leading to a hopefully positive and productive conversation.

If you’ve made your decision and believe the time is right, start planning when and how you’ll pop the question.

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