Signs Foreign Women are Interested in You

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Understand her indicators of interest to find love.
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A lot of men find themselves wanting to date foreign women and some are lucky to actually do so. But the thing about dating is that there should generally be some mutual interest and some men may not be all that aware if their date is interested in them in a physical sense. You may be one of these men.

You may find yourself missing up to 50 signs a girl likes you. Sometimes it might be because of a lack of romantic experience. At other times, it may be because the woman that you are dating is foreign and her indicators of interest might be different than what you’re used to.

But understanding that interest is going to be important if you want to find love. After all, moving on from someone who might be interested in you because you didn’t know she was interested in you isn’t a great way to find the love that you want. So you’re probably going to need how to know a girl is interested in you.

There are a lot of signs that men miss. Most men have probably read somewhere that if a girl is playing with her hair, then she’s probably got some level of romantic interest going on. But a lot of other indicators are a bit more subtle and easier to miss, such as:

  1. Eye to Eye

    Most people probably understand that eye contact is an important thing to remember in social situations and women from foreign countries are probably the same in that way. They are probably going to want to look you in the eye to indicate that they are paying attention to you and sometimes that attention might be romantic in nature.

    So if a girl is making quite a bit of meaningful eye contact with you, it could be a sign that the interaction is going in a positive direction romantically speaking.

  2. Tactile Connection

    There are more than a few physical signs a woman is interested in you. One of those signs is the way she twirls her hair. Another way that a woman can show interest is how she touches you.

    If a woman is into you in a romantic sense, then she is going to find excuses to touch you. The touch itself doesn’t have to be overly flirtatious, but they are going to be constant. It can be as little as a few light taps on the shoulder to get your attention or outright holding your hand. But she will find excuses to touch you.

    So if you find yourself on a date with a woman and her skin keeps meeting yours, then it is a good sign that the relationship may progress into something that finds you happiness.

  3. Solid Clear Plans

    One of biggest pitfalls of dating foreign women is the distance that is generally involved because they might be living in another country. So there are more than a few logistical complications involved when making plans, which can be extremely frustrating.

    When people like the person that they are dating, they generally make plans with that person for the future. Not in the sense of marriage and children, though that can happen, but in the sense of dates in the future.

    A great way to gauge how interested a person is in how far ahead they plan. If they plan for something months in advance, it is because they expect to still be dating that person by the time the date comes around.

  4. Leaning In

    Another bit of body language that you can read to gauge how interested someone is in you is how they lean. If they are leaning away from you with their arms crossed, then they are being somewhat defensive and may not be all that into you.

    But if the way she leans is the exact opposite of that, if her posture is open and her body is angled towards you, then it can be a pretty good sign that maybe she is beginning to develop a romantic interest in you.

    So make sure to check the way she leans so you can check her romantic interest in you so as to make sure you know whether or not you’re wasting your time.

  5. Her Smile

    People smile for a lot of reasons. Sometimes people smile so the person they are with will not be upset with them and have an emotional reaction that is pretty negative in nature. But there are a lot of other reasons as to why people smile and not all those reasons are rooted in appeasing another person.

    Sometimes, a person will smile because they are happy. In fact, positive emotions such as happiness are probably responsible for a majority of smiles that occur in the world, so if the woman that you are with is smiling, then there is a good chance that she is doing so because she is happy or feeling some other positive emotion.

    So make sure to look at how she is smiling. The way she smiles is a pretty good way to see if a girl is interested in you or not.

  6. She Says so Outright

    A lot of people communicate verbally. They use their mouths to express their feelings and you should really pay attention when she does. So when a woman says outright that they are into you in a romantic sense, then it is a pretty good indicator that she does have some romantic feelings for you.

    Interest is not something that is always obvious. This can be particularly true if the interest is of a romantic sort. There are a lot of men out there who are somewhat inexperienced when it comes to dating and romance. There are also a lot of men out there who might just be on the dense side when it comes to interpersonal relations.

    Trying to gauge the romantic interest of foreign women can be pretty hard, but it is something that can be done as long as you know what signs to look for.

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