Online Dating Habits Foreign Women HATE

A photo of three beautiful foreign women at a table, each enjoying a glass of champagne. Dating foreign women online shouldn’t be hard if you know what behaviors to avoid.

Online dating has revolutionized the way we find a potential partner.

It allows us to meet people from all over the world, and is now widely accepted as a form of modern dating.

But just like any form of social activity, online dating has its own set of unwritten rules.

These rules are put in place to make everyone’s dating experience more civilized and worthwhile. It keeps people from committing bad practices that creates a stigma on those who wish to make use of this dating platform.

Even with a set of unwritten rules that men and women abide by, there are always certain habits that can be considered inappropriate.

Many overseas dating sites will specifically provide you with important terms and conditions before you proceed with using any of their services. Apart from steering clear of bad habits and behaviors, it is your duty to familiarize yourself with these terms as well.

If you want to experience dating foreign women, it’s best to be aware of which habits are acceptable in the online dating world. This is so that when you start interacting with a foreign lady, she won’t have any uncertainties about you.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly overseen practices and behaviors that foreign women strongly dislike, and to which you should be sure to avoid at all costs:

1. Posting Work Headshots

When choosing a picture for your online dating profile, make sure to use one that is interesting and attractive. Avoid using work headshots, even when you have no other choice.

Headshots are boring as can be, and you’ll soon find that no foreign woman will ever be interested in your profile if you use one.

2. Using Fake Photos or Photoshopping

Aside from using boring work photos, another thing that most foreign women hate seeing in an online profile are fake photos.

While you may get away with one or two fake photos, they will eventually see through your tricks. Always keep in mind that women are experts when it comes to uncovering truths.

Fake photos can be those of places that you say you’ve been to but haven’t, properties you don’t own, or even events you claim to have attended when in reality, you didn’t.

Stick to what you have and know is true, and you’ll never find yourself in a pinch.

3. Concealing Relevant Information

Relevant information doesn’t have to be sensitive personal information. After all, it’s never safe to share personal information online aside from your name.

Relevant information includes your age, sexual orientation (whether you are only interested in women or otherwise), preferences, and hobbies.

These things are important to know about, especially for women who want to find the perfect man. These will give them hints about your personality and can, therefore, make expectations (positive ones) even before they have the chance to officially meet you.

4. Making Your Bio Too Short

Your online bio will help you attract a potential foreign girlfriend. By making your bio longer or more detailed, you will attract foreign women’s interest and in return, have a better chance of receiving a message from them.

Make it long, but brief. You don’t want them to get bored from reading a wall of text that’s supposed to give them an idea of who you are as a person.

It is also recommended to keep your bio from being too revealing. Let them discover important facts about you when you are already in a conversation with them.

5. Sending a Dull First Message

Most of us have a habit of sending dull first messages such as “Hi!”, or “Hello!”, or other variations thereof. Sending such messages as your FIRST message to a foreign woman will almost always end up being ignored.

Instead, send messages that are thought provoking, or one that attracts attention. You can even start by asking a question about one of their photos. That way, they will most likely respond to answer your question.

6. Taking Too Long to Reply

Foreign women hate it when you take them for granted, making them feel unimportant to you. One bad habit that can easily discourage foreign women into liking you is taking too long to respond to their messages.

If you are really interested in a foreign woman, invest more time and effort in getting to know her better through constant communication.

If you need to be away from certain dating sites or apps for a while, making you unable to reply in due time, make sure to let her know. This will help her understand why you are unable to respond in a timely manner.

7. Spamming Someone With Messages

If she doesn't respond to your messages, she is either busy, not interested, or has left the app or dating site altogether.

Spamming someone with messages when they don't respond is an annoying habit that many foreign women hate. Doing this will only do more harm than good.

One message should be enough to get a foreign lady’s attention. If she doesn’t respond, then it is better to move on to someone else who could be more interested in you than waste your time on someone who most likely will never respond.

8. Making Excuses

Be truthful at all times. Do not make excuses when things don’t go your way.

If she gets upset because of your late replies, tell her the exact reason why. Do not make excuses like “I was busy.” She deserves to know if you are interested or not.

9. Ghosting

The worst online dating habit that you should avoid when you’re genuinely trying to find love is to ghost someone.

This is when you indirectly end a relationship with someone by withdrawing from all forms of communication with them, all without a reason or heads-up.

This act is sudden and mostly without warning. Some men might not be aware of the effects of such a bad habit on women, but the sad reality is that it breaks someone who thought they had something special with you.

If you’re starting to get cold feet and suddenly want to cut someone off, do so with dignity by letting them know beforehand. Not only would it be good for them, but it is also good for your reputation in the international dating industry.

The Importance of Having Good Online Dating Habits

Whether you are a long time user of an online dating app or website, or new to the online dating world, you will never know which habits are appropriate or not if you are not able to acknowledge them yourself.

Building good habits is important so that when the time comes, you’ll learn to accept your mistakes and make the effort to avoid them in the future altogether.

It is easier to meet and date foreign women as long as you avoid these bad online dating practices.

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