Maintaining a GOOD Long Distance Relationship

A photo of a couple walking together in a sea of other people A long distance relationship can be frustrating, but it can also be rewarding.

In the old days, a long distance relationship was almost invariably doomed to fail.

Absence can make the heart grow fonder, but it can also often cause it to wander. Not being around the person you love regularly can cause you both to grow apart and disengage from the relationship itself.

Intimacy, both emotional and physical, is essential for a relationship to survive.

Of course, with the proliferation of online dating today, a person is no longer limited to their geographical boundaries in order to secure a match for themselves. There are so many dating apps that rely on the internet and the internet can reach well beyond any border.

As a result of this, many men begin browsing through several dating sites for singles in hopes of finding a match among beautiful foreign ladies.

The drawback to online dating is that the ladies found on the sites often live in a whole other country. Men will have to consider the possibility that he may start out having a long distance relationship.

While many are easily discouraged by this downside, there are also those who take the chance to make it work. And, as of today, many relationships that started out like this have been so successful that they mostly end in a happy marriage.

If you’re considering meeting someone from a foreign country, you must be aware of how long distance relationships work.

Dating Regularly

A couple that lives in the same vicinity will have the luxury of seeing each other whenever they feel like it. Most will not have to book a flight if they live within a decent vicinity. They can just walk, drive, or take public transportation in order to be with each other.

Though a couple in a long distance relationship can’t get together as often, they still can date regularly. The very same internet that brought them together in the first place can also help keep them together.

Between instant messaging and video chatting, the possibilities for communication are varied and tantamount to endless.

Care Packages

Most couples will get each other little gifts over the course of any relationship.

In your case, you may do so with your distant partner during special occasions, like on your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter. Apart from making your partner happy, sending gifts is also a way for you to let them know that you’ve been thinking about them.

The main drawback to this is the extra money for postage and shipping fees. But if this is all temporary, especially if you both plan on moving in together someday, then it shouldn’t be a bother.

Planning Ahead

In any normal relationship, when someone wants to spend time with their significant other, they normally just do it. They travel to their partner and just spend time with them.

That’s not a luxury most long distance couples have at their disposal. They have to deal with the logistics, look for deals on flights, and schedule everything out so that they can spend as much time together as possible once they meet, so that they can maximize the limited window during which they are together.

So in planning ahead, you can have something wonderful to look forward to.

Over the Internet

Most dates follow a pattern; two people meet up, they do an activity together, and then they go home. There are many things that can be added to the typical online dating experience.

A date is usually two people getting together to do something they both enjoy. There’s no rule stating that both people should literally be with each other for them to enjoy a date.

By logging on to the internet at the same time, you can immediately be connected with your partner. You can do an activity simultaneously. You may not be together in the traditional sense, but it’s certainly the next best thing.

Many couples conduct video chats over dinner, while discussing their day. Many couples go to the gym at the same time and have conversations during their resting periods.

As you can see, there are so many things you can do together without having to be physically in front of each other’s company.

An Endgame

Eventually, no amount of internet communication or logistical planning will make the whole ordeal any easier.

At some point, you and your partner will want to be together. Consider all these tips for surviving as a long distance couple. Now is time for you to come up with an end goal for the relationship. Establishing a goal will determine how long the long distance will persist.

As fun, exciting, and challenging the first few months will be when you both work on making your relationship last, you’re going to have to come to a point where both of your wants and needs should be met.

And the number one thing you both want and need is to be near each other as being away from each other for too long can significantly strain your relationship.

When all is said and done, you might come to agree that a long distance relationship is truly a unique type of challenge, one that you and your partner will have to learn how to overcome. These tips will aid you in managing the difficulties that come with being far away from your loving partner.

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