International Dating | Why You Should Date a Foreign Woman At Least Once in Your Life

A group of foreign women posing for a photo. With all the endearing qualities of foreign women, they truly are ideal brides for a lifetime commitment

Gone are the days when most people’s dating possibilities were only confined to their locale. Thanks to the popularity of international dating sites and apps, the lifelong dream of many Western men of finding a foreign girlfriend has never been as convenient and within reach than ever before.

With a growing number of international couples that you may have come across in the streets or seen on your social media feed, you probably know by now that international dating is rapidly becoming the new norm. But you might be wondering what the craze is really all about?

So here are a couple of reasons why you should date a foreign woman at least once in your life:

  1. It’s a constant learning opportunity

    Dating foreign women usually entails learning and somehow conforming to their culture, traditions, and beliefs. Rather than being overwhelmed by your differences, you can look at it as a learning opportunity instead.

    Nothing else can be a more culturally immersive experience than having an intimate relationship with someone from that specific cultural background. We’re not suggesting that you completely abandon your own belief and value system, but it really pays to open yourself up to the nuances of other cultures as well. It certainly helps you grow as a man.

  2. Foreign girls embrace their femininity

    A lot of women in most Western countries have adopted a rather extreme feminist stance. The irony here is that the more they slide into the far end of the feminism spectrum, the more they are becoming detached from their natural feminine behavior, attitude, and overall temperament.

    Women overseas are the exact opposite of that scenario. Even though they are as equally empowered, and educated, as Western women are, they still embrace their femininity and wear it like a badge of honor.

  3. They are traditional

    Women who are traditional tend to be more marriage-minded and family oriented. That’s exactly the case for most foreign women in Asian countries like the Philippines, China, and Thailand.

    They are raised with a great value system that teaches them to put more emphasis on things that matter - being a nurturing mother and a loving wife. That is why they also tend to be more discerning and meticulous when choosing a partner because they know what they bring to the table. They are looking for a man whom they can trust to also hold his end of the bargain.

  4. Passionate lovers

    Girls abroad, especially Latina women are known for their raging passion. They will devote every fiber of their being into everything they do - whether it’s their career, family responsibilities, or relationships.

    That is one of the most attractive aspects of being in a relationship with a foreign girl - you no longer have to play the guessing game on whether she’s really in it for the long haul or not, because the moment she said yes to you is the exact same time that she’s given herself completely for you. So we expect you to reciprocate that same level of love and selflessness.

  5. Age is just a number for them

    This phrase sounds like a broken record already. But cliche as it is, age is truly nothing but a number for most women overseas.

    In fact, dating a foreign girl is one of the few instances where elder gentlemen have the upper hand over their younger counterparts. Women abroad see age as an indicator of wisdom, maturity, and financial and emotional stability.

We can go on and on with a bunch of other reasons why foreign romance comes with certain advantages, perks, gifts, and benefits, but we’ll run out of pages to put them in! While there might be some challenges and potential pitfalls to it, the rewards of finding a foreign life partner still far outweigh the risks.

So go on, start your search for foreign brides on our website now at and discover for yourself the romance, fun, and excitement of dating a foreign woman.

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