Flowers Your Asian Girlfriend Loves and Why : Flower Language

hands cradling flowers Know which flowers your Asian girlfriend appreciates more.

Asia is the continent that comes to mind when it comes to rich history and culture. Almost all Asian countries have and do have meaning. Flowers, for example, have their own language, with each form bearing different meanings and symbolisms from the others. If you're looking for some to send to your Asian girlfriend, you should first learn about them.

It's easy to choose the most beautiful flower and present it to her, but it's also a bit lazy. Flowers make most girls happy, but what if you're in a relationship with someone who takes flowers really seriously? Or at the very least, fall in love with someone who understands flower symbolism?

It's wonderful when you're dating Asian women, but keep in mind that they are not from your country. They can see flowers differently. You wouldn't want to make the mistake of giving them a couple of Orange Lilies after first learning that these particular Lilies may denote hate and contempt.

Second, learn which flowers, such as the carnation or the lily of the valley, have a positive connotation. You may even impress your lady by learning a little something about flowers. What's more romantic and feminine than roses, after all?

Which Flowers Should You Give Her?

Some flowers in Japan and China have sacred and beautiful meanings, and each one serves a different function for those who adore them. Giving your partner a bouquet that includes these flowers will make a big impression, but a single flower bouquet can also be effective.

Red Roses

Roses are the emblematic flower for all things related to love. It is customary for a guy to give a girl a rose or two when they are in love. The color red, in particular, connotes ROMANCE.

Remember that sending Red Roses to a Chinese lady indicates that you are serious about her. She'll be led to believe you're in love with her unless you're not. But if you're completely smitten with her and want to pursue a friendship with her, go for it.

bouquet of red roses
Red Roses symbolize romance so give her these when you are sending flowers. | Photo by Sidney Pearce on Unsplash

Another feature of Red Roses in China is that each one has its own significance.

If you're sending flowers to tell her, "I'll love you for the rest of my life," for example, give 11.

“You are the one I love the most,” according to the numerology of 21.

"I'll love you forever" is the meaning of the number 99.

“I love you every day” is the meaning of the number 365.

When a boy proposes to a girl, he will present her with 101 roses. If the girl accepts his proposal of marriage, she will return one rose to him.

Don't be concerned about the amount of information involved in just the act of flower-giving. Typically, Asian dating isn't this difficult.


You should send her some Himawari (Japanese Sunflowers), which reflect ADORATION, LOYALTY, and LONGEVITY.

This Japanese Sunflower resembles other sunflower varieties in appearance. Himawaris are usually grown in large fields, giving the impression of a vast yellow sea.

sunflowers in a field under the sky
Sending flowers such as sunflowers will symbolize happiness. | Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The meanings of sunflowers are derived from their namesake, the sun. They are known as "happy" flowers, making them the ideal gift for giving happiness to both men and women.


If red roses are associated with romance, the Carnation is associated with love. They are a beautiful token of love all over the world.

They're often given and collected as thoughtful presents to close relatives and significant others. Carnations are available in a variety of colors and can also be dyed.

PURITY and LUCK are the symbols of white carnations.

ADMIRATION is symbolized by light-red carnations.

LOVE and AFFECTION are represented by dark-red carnations.

GRATITUDE is symbolized by pink carnations.

hand holding a pink carnation flower
Show your gratitude by sending flowers such as pink carnations. | Photo by Assem Gniyat on Unsplash

Giving her a bouquet of these would be your best bet on how to get an Asian to like you.

Lily Of The Valley

The Lily of the Valley symbolism is on the sweeter side of things. This flower is often associated with REBIRTH and HUMILITY. It also has the meanings of CHASTITY, PURITY, SWEETNESS, and MOTHERHOOD.

While it is ideal for religious ceremonies, it is also a common option for weddings, birthday parties, and other types of celebrations. On Mother's Day, some people send these flowers. It's acceptable in any situation!

bouquet of lily of the valley
Purity and sweetness are what make the Lily of the Valley. | Photo by Zoritsa Valova on Unsplash

It is also thought to bring good luck in love and to represent the return of happiness at other times.

Sakurasou (Primrose/Japanese Primrose)

They get their name from their similarity to the sakura flowers that are abundant in Japan. In floral language, the Sakurasou, or Primroses, represents DESIRE and LONG-LASTING LOVE, making it the ideal flower to give to your loved one.

white flowers with grass
Sending flowers like Primroses will convey desire. | Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

They will come in a variety of colors depending on where you purchase or select them, so add them to your bouquet with care. If you don't have any Sakurasou, you can give her a bouquet of Sakurasou..

Red Tulips

Red Tulips are a common flower all over the world, and they make a lovely field of flowers or bouquet. Since the tulip blooms resemble a turban, the term tulip comes from the Persian word turban.

red tulips with green background
For eternal love, sending flowers such as Red Tulips will convey the thought. | Photo by Yoksel �� Zok on Unsplash

The Red Tulips are associated with the concepts of FAME and ETERNAL LOVE. They bloom in the spring, so it's possible that's the only time you'll be able to get them for your partner.


Lavender is a perfume that is often used in soaps and other similar products. They can also be made into tea, which, like Chamomile, aids in relaxation and/or sleep.

lavenders in a field
For the faithful, rely on lavenders when it comes to sending flowers. | Photo by Marco De Hevia on Unsplash

It means FAITHFUL in terms of symbolism. It blooms only in the summer and grows as a vine along pipes and fences. This flower's color will make a lovely addition to your bouquet.

The Perfect Bouquet

If you want to include Red Roses, consider pairing them with Carnations, a little Lily of the Valley, and some Red Tulips, based on color and how the flowers complement each other. If you really want to please your Asian girlfriend, combine two flowers, such as Carnation and Lavender, or a bouquet of Sunflowers and Sakurasou. They'll make a huge impression on your girlfriend, and she'll adore them.

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