The Common Struggles of International Dating

international dating overseas Know the common struggles of international dating before venturing into it.

International dating might have crossed your mind a dozen times, probably when you were sitting alone on a bench, staring at interracial couples taking a walk in the park, or while attending a wedding of a friend who married an Asian woman, or while reading all kinds of overseas dating success stories. Seeing that these people are happily involved in interracial relationships makes you think of the possibilities.

It’s an exciting adventure that helps thousands of men and women meet their better halves. It also has a lot of advantages—exploring new cultures, traveling overseas, and learning another language among others. However, international dating also comes with some challenges that couples still struggle with to this day.

This type of dating platform is a new gateway that leads people to finding their potential long term partners. It can also lead to heartbreak for some. To help you deal with some of the most common struggles present in the foreign dating scene, consider the following dating tips:

Spending Large Sums to Meet Foreign Women

“I will visit you soon once I have enough to pay for all the expenses.”

That is probably something most men end up telling foreign women every time they ask to meet up personally. When dating overseas, you have to ensure that your heart and jar of good banter are full, the same with your wallet.

Taking part in the international dating scene will cost you a lot—not only to spend on dinner dates, but also on travel expenses. So before you get yourself involved in this type of setup, be sure to prepare a whole lot of cash. While international dating does not require a million dollars, men should ensure their expenses will not drain their bank account.

Being Matched with the Wrong Woman

Incompatible matching can be common in the world of foreign dating, and anyone who's been on various international dating sites has gone through the same dilemma. In one instance everything may be going well but in the next moment you are finding flaws in your foreign date.

International dating is like a huge arena filled with people with different characteristics and personalities, but someone out there—maybe blocked by a crowd of other people—is the person for you. To find the right match, it will sometimes take dating a variety of foreign women who may not fit your desired traits in a woman. Finding an ideal woman takes time regardless of where you are dating.

Boring First Dates Overseas

Yes. Even when dating internationally, questions about what you do during your free time and what your favorite food is are almost always present, especially during a first date. It’s like applying for a position, but instead of a job position, you are applying for a position in a woman’s life.

First dates abroad can be exciting and fun regardless of the outcome. For some, dating overseas can get awkward real fast without any warning. And sometimes, trying to bring back the mood results in more awkwardness.

That is why a lot of men meeting foreign women for the first time fail the dating phase. But if you believe in yourself and you’re confident that you can pull this off, then what else can possibly make your first date unsuccessful, right?

International Dating Culture Shock

Dating foreign women allows you to experience and explore new cultures. Some couples have adapted to their partner’s lifestyle choices. However, there are some who have had their fair share of difficulties, especially when cultural differences become too much to overcome.

When this happens, couples who are dating foreign partners resort to breaking up. People will always defend their culture because it has been part of their lives even before they were born.

The only way to surpass this struggle is to adjust. Adopting elements of a foreign woman's culture does not mean abandoning your own culture. It simply means you have to respect and understand your partner’s cultures and traditions.

Being with someone who has a different outlook in life is something, but learning to respect those differences is something else.

Dishonest International Dating Sites

Maybe not all, but there are a few dating services that don’t think about the purpose of people choosing to date internationally. While a good number of agencies aim to help single men meet people from all over the world to meet their potential life partners, some are only in it to make more money and have you as their paying customer for a long time.

If you're using a service that readily offers dating advice while meeting women overseas, it may be a good sign you're in the right agency.

In fact, there are some clients, mostly men, who have been using a variety of online dating sites and have been in the industry for quite some time, but they still haven’t found someone to date or marry. This results in feeling more frustrated than being hopeful. That is why it pays to research the best international dating apps. If the user base seems to be motivated by communicating on the app rather than meeting in person, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Pains of Long Distance Relationships

Indeed, long-distance relationships are common when dating someone from a foreign country. International couples rarely get to spend much time together initially. Visiting each other can also be a challenge, especially if you are on opposite sides of the world.

Distance is a factor in many rising relationship problems, such as trust issues and losing interest. Even if these struggles are pretty common when dating overseas, some couples are unable to cope. That is why anyone who wants to take part in the foreign dating scene should learn to accept and understand that this type of dilemma is inevitable.

The birth of online dating has sparked numerous debates as to how this interesting trend and platform has affected the traditional way of dating. Some people who have tried and failed at finding love overseas have given their feedback. For them, scams and harassment are two of the negative effects of online dating. There are also those who believe that such effects can lead to superficial relationships rather than long term and meaningful ones.

International dating is not the only way to find love. But you can’t deny the fact that despite its less flattering narrative, there are several positive effects of online dating and it has helped people find their future life partners. The whole process is risky, but if you are willing to try and accept the common struggles it comes with, then finding the best partner is far from impossible.

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