Avoid Long Distance Relationship Issues BEFORE They Exist

A man approaching a woman in a restaurant. A long distance relationship shouldn’t always be full of problems.

Long distance relationships are bound to be filled with challenges for both parties involved.

Despite this, the number of foreign men and women who turn to international dating to find an ideal partner has significantly risen during the last couple of years.

This is mostly due to the many technological advancements that have been developed in the last decade. Online dating, for example, has become a widely accepted mode of courtship for people who are countries apart from each other.

However, even with the help of online dating sites, being in a long distance relationship still poses a lot of uncertainties for those involved. It also doesn’t necessarily ensure anything long term.

For one, you can’t easily meet the woman you are talking to in person, and we all know that one’s attitude online can be the exact opposite in real life.

Still, long distance relationships are a risk that many couples gladly take. Whether it’s because they have lost hope in finding love in their localities or they are simply curious about experiencing love with a total foreign stranger, it can’t be helped that more and more people continue to take part in this venture every day.

One advantage of this trend is that you would feel safe when the person you are in a relationship with isn’t present. When the relationship fails, you can just shut out that person by cutting off all modes of communication between you.

Once the other person is totally shut out of your life, you can then proceed to finding another potential partner. This makes it easier to weed out those who are not suitable for you.

Another reason for the rise of long distance relationships is the fact that when you are in one, you won’t have to worry about the strings attached to your relationship. Meaning, you are free from any and all responsibilities that come with a traditional relationship.

Starting a long distance relationship isn’t easy. You need to know where to find a suitable partner who fits your personal preferences. Because of the uncertainties of finding a perfect match, people often compromise some of their standards and make whatever is put on their plate work.

Eventually, during the course of such a relationship, problems and issues begin to arise due to the lack of setting expectations and boundaries.

Normally, we expect our partners to be faithful to us, but because of the absence of such a written rule, one or the other is not bound to such logic, resulting in infidelity.

All of these relationship problems can be avoided, and a healthy relationship can be created if you only know how to prevent these issues before they manifest.

To make a long distance relationship work, you need to have the following:

1. Trust

First and foremost, for a long distance relationship to succeed, couples need to have trust. Trust is when you believe in your partner.

Do not always assume that she is doing something that constitutes being unfaithful, unless you have clear evidence thereof. Doubting your partner only clouds your relationship, and once mistrust starts to settle in, it is hard to remove altogether.

It’s best to make sure that there is trust between you and your potential partner before you decide to commit to a long distance relationship with each other.

2. Communication

To compensate for lack of physical interaction, communication should always be open between you and the foreign woman you are in a relationship with.

It doesn’t matter what mode of communication you will use for as long as you remember to spend time talking to each other. This helps keep both of you connected. Without proper communication, couples mostly end up growing apart.

Keep her interested and make her feel important by always finding the time to talk to her even when you are busy.

3. Respect

It doesn’t take a genius to know that respect is what keeps couples, especially those that are in long distance relationships, together.

One way of showing respect is to avoid entertaining other women and focusing only on your partner. You should already know the boundaries and limitations of a man who is in a relationship with someone, whether long distance or otherwise.

4. Love

Love is one of the many things that help keep a relationship alive. You and your partner should always put love above everything else.

This also keeps your relationship interesting, making it worth keeping. If you are serious about finding someone that you can eventually marry, then love should always be at the center of your relationship. Otherwise, you are just playing around with someone who isn’t even sure about committing to a serious relationship.

5. Honesty

Be honest with your partner at all times. This helps to avoid a lot of doubts and keeps your partner from feeling left out in the dark.

Show her how you really feel. If for some reason you have fallen out of love, then do the right thing and tell her the truth. This will avoid misunderstandings and arguments in the future.

A relationship that is built on honesty will always last longer than one that is built on lies and deceit.

6. Time

Aside from communication, time is something that you should invest in with your partner. Give her importance by making sure that you always have time for her despite your busy schedule.

Spending time together, whether through calls, chat, or social media, will help develop and strengthen your bond as a couple.

Know If Your Long Distance Relationship Is Worth It

Relationship issues are part of every couple’s life. What’s important is that you remember that you always have the power to avoid these issues and enjoy a happy love life with the girl you love.

Long distance relationship problems are easy to prevent if you and your partner are willing to spend time understanding each other better. Whether you’re geographically close or countries apart, keep in mind that there is no better solution to a relationship problem than knowing you can count on one another no matter what.

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