Western men are dating foreign women in staggering numbers, leading to several marriages happening as a result of the recent international dating boom. Men must be aware that courtship with women from overseas will likely create huge changes in their lives, even just from a cultural perspective.

But, as with any change, this does not mean such enriching experiences are negative - as men who have married foreign women remark that it has been a life-changing experience for the positive.

Women active in the international dating community have been long stereotyped to be mail order brides, a dated negative term that suggests a woman can be purchased rather than pursued.

Far from mail order brides, the empowered women who attend dating events during their solo trip are driven to find a great man, something that eludes most domestically due to population imbalances, as well as negative personality traits in local men.

Popular for over 2 decades, singles tours offer Western men the opportunity to travel overseas, meet amazing single women, and enjoy bonding experiences with their travel mates and the staff they meet during their trip.

As several alternative mindsets like MGTOW become popular among unsatisfied Western men, many former practitioners of MGTOW inspired lifestyles are finding dating abroad to be both life-changing and emotionally rewarding.

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